Saturday, 4 April 2020


The new EAGLE TIMES is out now. Featuring articles on Dan Dare, Riders of the Range, Cortes -Conqueror of Mexico and the secret wartime adventures of Marcus Morris’ secretary, it is available from Bob Corn at the address opposite.

Dan Dare -The Evil One   A commentary and review by Will Grenham
Vernon Holding - Chief Executive of Hulton Press   by Richard Sheaf
The Story of EAGLE’s Annuals Part Two   by Joe Hoole
Charles Chilton and the Indian Wars Part Eight  by David Britton
Beth Fetherston WRNS, Marcus Morris’ Secretary   by Jeremy Briggs
Cortes – Conqueror of Mexico   by Steve Winders
Dan Dare Studio Ideas Part Two  
The Case of the Unwelcome Guest House Part One – a new Archie Willoughby adventure
The Story of a Train That Went Nowhere   An article about a proposed series about the Canadian Pacific Railway that EAGLE rejected  
Tail Pieces   short news items compiled by David Britton 

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