Monday, 20 December 2021


The Christmas edition of EAGLE Times is out now. A bumper 56 page issue, it includes articles about Christmas in EAGLE, the 1961 Riders of the Range Annual (by Ian Millstead) and the Riders of the Range story Last of the Fighting Cheyenne (by David Britton), a report on the Society Gathering in Southport in October (by Reg Hoare) and the text of Steve Winders' address at the Gathering. There is also a tribute to the late Dan Dare studio artist Greta Tomlinson, another Dan Dare Studios Notebook, an article about the back page biography of the Missionary Explorer David Livingstone and the conclusion of Steve Winders' Archie Willoughby story The Case of the Unconventional Convention, about a murder at the 1957 International Science Fiction Convention in London. Finally there is a Postbag page. 

A subscription to EAGLE Times for 2022 is just £30 inc. postage (in the U.K.) from Bob Corn at the address on the right. There are four editions per year.     

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