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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Eagle Times Vol 21 No 4

Winter 2008 contents
  • Memories of Christmas Past - seasonal cards and drawings by some of the best
  • A Kennedy Christmas - some of Ian Kennedy's Christmas-themed comics and annual covers
  • The Career of Ian Kennedy - part 2, from the eighties to the new millenium
  • More of EAGLE's 2nd issue dummy, including Norman Thelwell's 'Pop Milligan' and Frank Hampson's 'The Great Adventurer' - with Joan Porter's recollections of the Bakehouse Studio in the 1950s
  • Frank Hampson at the Festival - a contemporary note written by Frank Hampson on the Angouleme Comics Festival, 1978
  • PC49 - The Case of the Galloping Ghost
  • An account of the Chad Varah Memorial Service at St Paul's Cathedral, held on 12th November, 2008
  • "I was there" - the launch of Denis Gifford's Ally Sloper Magazine in 1976
  • Who's who No. 50
  • The Eagle Annual of the Cutaways - book review
  • Heros the Spartan - part 1, beginning a review of EAGLE's popular 1960s sword and sorcery strip
  • Tony Weare - part 2, concluding the life of a favourite artist
  • Books for Christmas - a seasonal review
  • EAGLE on the web
  • Pop Music in EAGLE Times - 1963
This issue's cover shows some Memories of Christmas Past - cards by Peter Jackson, Tony Weare and Keith Watson - courtesy of Alan Vince.