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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Eagle Times Vol 22 No 2

Summer 2009 contents
  • Tom Adams, Fine Art Painter - a review of the work of the illustrator of 'Soldiers of the Queen' and many 'George Cansdale' nature strips which appeared in Eagle from 1954 to 1959
  • The Rivals of Jeff Arnold, part 1 - 'Rex Keene, Texas Ranger' from Junior Express 
  • Frank Hampson and Ronald Searle - comparisons of the careers of two 1950's "icon makers"
  • 'Operation  Saturn' Revisited - commentary on Dan Dare's fourth adventure in Eagle, following the revelations of the story's original outline
  • An obituary of Giorgio Bellavitis, architect and former comics illustrator, whose work in Eagle included 'Mark the Youngest Disciple'
  • Report of the 23rd Eagle Society Weekend at Muswell Hill, where the guest of honour was Charles Chilton, writer of Eagle's 'Riders of the Range', and radio's 'Journey into Space'
  • Eagle Autographs - part 5 (Artists and storytellers, part 2)
  • PC49 and the Case of the Murderous Mouse - part 2 of the story adaptation
  • Eagle Club Holidays - a look at the adventure holidays organised for Eagle Club members (and Girl Adventurers) by the Youth Hostel Association 
  • Free Gifts in Eagle, part 5 - the 1964 Olympic Games medals
  • 'Heros the Spartan', part 3, concluding this series by way of the final Eagle story and the Eagle Annual stories
  • 'The Man From Nowhere' remembered - a personal reflection on iconic moments from Dan Dare's 6th adventure in Eagle 
  • The added or missing bar - some observations on changes to Sir Hubert's epaulettes during the 'Dan Dare' saga
  • Pop Music during Eagle Times - 1965 
The cover illustration for this issue is by Tom Adams from the series, 'British Birds by George Cansdale', Eagle, Vol 7 No 39 (28th September, 1956)