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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Eagle Times Vol 22 No 3

Autumn 2009 contents
  • What's in a name? - The first part of a look at the career of multi-talented artist Gerry Embleton, who contributed to the original Eagle as well as drawing the revamped 'Dan Dare' for "new" Eagle in 1982
  • The Eagle art of George William Backhouse - a review of the career of the artist, concentrating on his work for Hulton Press.
  • Dimworthy and Co. - an exploration of the schoolboy comic strip series from the 1960s Eagle
  • The Rivals of Jeff Arnold, part 2 - 'Steve Larrabee' from Lone Star comic
  • Danny Dare - a review of the 1964 comic strip about "Dan Dare's Number One Fan!", created for Wham! by Leo Baxendale and later drawn in part by Dan Dare artists Bruce Cornwell and Don Harley
  • Colour Printing in Eagle - a brief account of the four-colour photogravure process used to produce Eagle, with examples of the colour separations and print combinations that led to a page of 'Dan Dare'
  • Journey into Space: The Host - a review of Julian Simpson's new radio play featuring the latest adventure of Charles Chilton's Jet Morgan and his team of space explorers
  • John Ryan (1921-2009) - an obituary of the creator of Captain Pugwash and Harris Tweed (Eagle), Lettice Leefe (Girl) and Sir Boldasbrass (Swift), plus John Ryan Remembered
  • The musical George Backhouse - illustrating Master Melodies of the World for Amalgamated Press in the 1930s
  • PC 49 and the Case of the Murderous Mouse - the 3rd and concluding part of the story adaptation
  • Lost Continuity in the Dan Dare strip - commentary on an apparent inconsistency in the fictional Dan Dare timeline
  • Hulton's Merchandising - an example of an Eagle and Girl merchandising advertisement that appeared in the trade magazine Games and Toys in 1954
  • Another Eagle dummy?
  • Pop Music during Eagle Times - 1966
The cover art illustration for this issue is by Gerry Embleton and features 'Dan Dare' from the "new" Eagle, 1982