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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Eagle Times Vol 31 No 1

Spring 2018 Contents
  • 'H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines from the Novel to the Strip That Never Was' - The story of the book and its various adaptations as motion pictures and comics, including the three pages of artwork produced for Eagle by Frank Bellamy, for a strip destined not to be published'
  • Eagle Centre Spreads' - featuring vehicles that were also produced as Dinky Toys. In this issue: The Hillman Minx, drawn by Leslie Ashwell Wood (Eagle 8th Dec, 1950) and the Austin Healey 100, drawn by Hubert Redmill (Eagle, 8th Jan, 1954).
    • 'The Lost Opportunities of Those Early Dan Dare Stories' - on the incidental "hooks" and loose-ends in Frank Hampson's 'Dare Dare' strip, and where they might have led
    • 'The Bidding War for the 1963 Dan Dare Annual' - recollections of a school for-charity auction which tested the friendship of two schoolboys as, in 1964, they bid as rivals for the previous year's Dan Dare Annual
    • 'U.S.A. Post Marks - Eagle Connection' - a couple of naming coincidences collected as postal covers: Kingfisher OK and Peabody MA
    • 'In and Out of the Eagle' - more instalments in the series that presents Eagle-related snippets
    • 'Flint of the Flying Squad' - on another series of police stories by P.C.49 author Alan Stranks, which also began as a BBC radio series and then went to comic strip, in this case in the Daily Express
    • 'George Davies and His Eagle Connections' - on the 'Flint of the Flying Squad' artist and his connections with Eagle contributors Alan Stranks, Jack Daniel and Guy Morgan
    • 'Invasion: Earth' - a review of a six-part mini-series co-produced in 1998 by the BBC and the SciFi Channel, which "captured the feel of classic British SF". 
    • 'How Does it Compare to other Concept Cities?' -  On the Venusian city of Mekonta, which was first drawn by Frank Hampson for Eagle 21st July 1950, and other concept cities, both real and imaginary.
    • The Case of the Educated Archie - an Adventure of Archie Berkeley-Willoughby of Scotland Yard. A new story inspired by the character created by Alan Stranks for his radio show P.C.49
    • 'Gerald Palmer, 1935-2017' - On the former Eagle artist Gerald Palmer, who died in August 2017, and is remembered by former Eagle readers for his work on 'Dan Dare' as well as his cutaway drawings.    
    • 'Space Fiction Movies in Eagle's Times' part 5 - continuing a look at films about space exploration and alien visitations to the earth, the bread-and-butter of the Eagle's Dan Dare adventures between 1950 and 1969. This part covers 1960-62 and includes (among others) Assignment Outer Space, Battle of the Worlds, The Day of the Triffids and Planeta Bur (Planet of Storms)
    • 'He Who Dares. Titan's new min-series - a pilot for the future?' - a review of the four part Dan Dare comic series from Titan comics, published monthly from Oct 2017 - Jan 2018, and which is to be published in "graphic novel" form in April, 2018