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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Eagle Times Vol 25 No 3

Autumn 2012 Contents
  • 'Charles Chilton - the Modest Showman - and Journey into Space'. Inspired by Chilton's recent autobiography, Charlie's Auntie, Alan Vince looks back at his own interest in Chilton's work and an unsuccessful attempt to put together a book on Journey into Space. 
  • 'Riders of the Range Photographs' - a reader shares his nostalgia for Charles Chilton's western, which began on BBC radio before appearing as a comic strip in Eagle, in the form of autographed photographs of the cast of the radio series, which he was given as a child in the early 1950s 
  • 'A Look at Luck' - part 5 of a series examining the French Foreign Legion strip by Geoffrey Bond and Martin Aitchison, which ran in Eagle from 1952 - 1961
  • 'Susan Travers' - the first, and only, female to serve officially, in the the French Foreign Legion.
  • 'Royal Mail Comics Stamps' - a look at the recent (March 2012) issue of Royal Mail stamps, commemorating a variety of British comics (including Eagle) in the 75th year of publication of Britain's longest-running comic - The Dandy
  • 'Visual Memories of Eaglecon 80' - part 4 of this illustrated series remembering the only London comics convention ever held solely for Eagle enthusiasts
  • 'Picture cards' - on the variety of collectable picture cards available in the 1950s, from sources as diverse as weighing machines, sweet and real cigarettes, toothpaste, tea, bubble-gum and comics
  • 'Dan Dare projected' - part 2, looking at the various non-projection devices available from manufacturers in the 1950s, by which 'Dan Dare' and other film strips could be viewed.
  • 'Eagle Holiday Extra' - a look at one (of only two) holiday special issues of Eagle that appeared in the 1960s. This one, comprising 48 pages, was from 1962.
  • 'Nando Tacconi' - an appreciation of the man and artist, best known in Britain for his illustration of Charles Chilton's 'Journey into Space' for Express Weekly 
  • 'Eaglewall's Table Top Navy' - a review of the book by Donald D. Hood about the Dorking-based firm that produced plastic models under the Eagle logo.
  • A PC49 Radio script: 'The Case of the Haunting Refrain', reproducing an Alan Stranks written performance script, part 2
  • 'Dan Dare's castlist' - a reader's "dream team" for a Dan Dare film, compiled from actors of the silver screen, both living and deceased.
This issue's cover photograph of Charles Chilton is from a 1985 issue of Radio Times