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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Eagle Times Vol 26 No 1

Eagle Times 
25th Anniversary Issue
Spring 2013 Contents
  • 'A Thrill of a Lifetime in 1957' - the story of how one lucky 1950s reader, Robert Pegg, entered a competition in Eagle, and won a trip to Kenya with his father, flying in BOAC's newest airliner, the Bristol Britannia aircraft, otherwise known as The Whispering Giant
  • 'Dan Dare Pilot of the Future on Radio Luxembourg' - a review of the radio serial, sponsored by Horlicks, that aired five days a week on 208 Medium Waveband from 1951 - 1956. The article includes a story listing and is accompanied by a short article on the origins of the malted milk product known as Horlicks 
  • 'Serial Thrillers: The Adventure Serial on British Radio' - a review of Charles Norton’s new book about four immensely popular series from the Golden Age of British Radio, ie: Paul Temple, Dick Barton, Dan Dare, and Journey into Space
  • 'P.C.49 and the Case of the Circular Tins' - a further adaptation from one of Alan Stranks' famous radio stories
  • An obituary of Charles Chilton, M.B.E. (1917 - 2013), the renowned radio writer and producer, and writer of the 'Riders of the Range' strip that ran in Eagle from 1950 until 1962, plus a report on the funeral service held on 11th January, 2013, to commemorate his life
  • 'How I learned to stop worrying and appreciate the genius of John Burns' - a look at the career and varied work of one of the artists who drew 'Dan Dare' for the "new" Eagle in 1990  
  • 'When is a Hampson not a Hampson?' - on the particular challenge and difficulties of reliably attributing Eagle 'Dan Dare' artwork to its original creator and lead artist, Frank Hampson 
  • 'Charles William (Bill) Nuttall - Artist' - a former Eagle letterer (Eagle Society member David Gould) provides a biographical review of the early career of lettering artist and illustrator, Bill Nuttall, and his personal recollections of working with Bill at Eagle from the mid-1960s. 
  • 'Mann of Battle', part 1 - a look at the World War II strip that ran weekly in Eagle from 1962 - 1964, written by Alfred Carney Allan and drawn initially by Luis Bermejo, then for most of its life by Brian Lewis
  • 'Dan Dare Holiday Special (1990)' - the third in a series of articles about Eagle-related holiday specials, this one looking at the only 'Dan Dare'-specific special to be published.
  • 'Interviewing Marcus Morris' - a photo-illustrated article recounting a visit in 1987 to the home of former Eagle Editor Marcus Morris
  • 'Lion, King of Picture Story papers'  - a review of Steve Holland's recent book about Eagle's 1950s' rival  - the comic that eventually (1969) swallowed Eagle
The cover of this issue celebrates 25 years of Eagle Times and incorporates the front cover of our first issue (Spring 1988) alongside a study, by John Burns, of Dan Dare's companion, Digby.