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Friday, 30 June 2017

Eagle Times Vol 30 No 2

Summer 2017 Contents
  • 'Life after Eagle' - a recollection of the merged Lion and Eagle from 1969 - 1970 - where 'Dan Dare' lived on for a while, albeit as repeats and in black-and-white 
  • 'Hulton's Boys and Girls Exhibition: 1959' - a look at the programme of the fourth Hulton's Boys and Girls Exhibition, held at London's Olympia in August 1959
  • 'Remembering Dan Dare: The Mushroom' - a re-look at a 'Dan Dare' story from Eagle in the mid-1960s, which was drawn by Keith Watson
  • 'Playful Stories were Frank’s preferred way' of writing - a look at the humour that Frank Hampson worked into the early stories of 'Dan Dare'  
  • 'Leo Baxendale (1930 - 2017)' - an obituary of the comic genius who created The Beano's 'Bash Street Kids' and so many other wonderful characters for D.C. Thompson and I.P.C. including 'Danny Dare' for Wham! 
  • 'The Shepherd King', part 2 of a three-part examination of Clifford Makins' and Frank Bellamy's strip about the biblical King David, comparing Eagle's strip with biblical accounts of David's life
  • 'Eagle Society Gathering, 2017': A photo-illustrated report on this year's Eagle Society Annual Gathering and Dinner, which were held in April at The Queen Hotel, Chester
  • 'In and Out of the Eagle': Two further instalments in the series presenting collections of Eagle-related snippets
  • He Tried to Stop You Reading Eagle - Leonard Matthews', part 3: concluding the three-part adjunct to the series, 'They Helped to Bring You Eagle'
  • 'The Road of Courage' - an appreciation and an ethnic criticism of Eagle's back-page story of Jesus as told by Marcus Morris and drawn by Frank Hampson 
  • 'Space Fiction Movies in Eagle’s Times', part 2: a look at films about space exploration and alien visitations to the earth, the bread-and-butter of the Eagle's Dan Dare's adventures between 1950 and 1969. This part covers 1954-1956, including Conquest of Space, and Forbidden Planet
  • 'Nelson’s Ladies' - a follow-up to the article on Eagle's story of Nelson, The Great Sailor, in the Spring 2016 issue, this takes look at Nelson's women as depicted in Comet in 1955 and later in Thriller Picture Library 
  • 'PC 49’s Last Case', part 1 - beginning a new story, based on the characters originally created for the radio series by Alan Stranks 
  • 'Dan Dare - Requiem, Revival or Reboot'? Is it time to say goodbye to Frank Hampson's creation, or time to try something new? 
  • Two Tributes: Martin Aitchison and Howard Corn 
  • 'Eagle Times - What’s Next?' As we near the completion of 30 years of Eagle Times, the editors seeks the views of members on the future of the Eagle Society's journal
This issue's cover shows the first issue of the combined Lion and Eagle, 3rd May, 1969