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Friday, 15 December 2017

Eagle Times Vol 30 No 4

Winter 2017 Contents
  • 'Wenceslas the Good' - an examination of the strip from Eagle Annual Number 3 (1953) about the Duke of Bohemia, who was made famous by a Christmas carol 
  • 'More Thoughts on Grenfell of Labrador' - an adjunct to an article in Eagle Times (Vol 29 No 3), speculating on Wilfred Grenfell's formulative years in Parkgate, Cheshire 
  • '1961 - Another Year of Change' - a look at the changes in Eagle in 1961 - and some of the things happening contemporaneously in the wider world
  • 'In and Out of the Eagle'' further instalments in the series that presents Eagle-related snippets
  • 'The Boys and Girls Exhibition 1961' - the fourth part of a series looking at programmes published for the (formerly Hultons’) Boys and Girls Exhibition that was held annually at the National Hall, Olympia in London
  • 'Dan Dare got there first . . . ' - Richard Branson's "hyperloop" train, and the Venusian 'electrosender' first seen in 1950s 'Dan Dare'
  • 'Space Fiction Movies in Eagle's Times' part 4 - continuing a look at films about space exploration and alien visitations to the earth, the bread-and-butter of the Eagle's Dan Dare adventures between 1950 and 1969. This part covers 1958-1959 including Space Master X-7, It! The Terror From Beyond Space, First Man into Space, Angry Red Planet, and Plan 9 From Outer Space
  • "LIP" - On Gerald Lipman, an Eagle staff artist from 1953 - 1957, who latterly would sign his work "Gerald Lip"
  • 'Atkinson Library Exhibit, Southport' - photographs of the exhibit in Eagle's and Dan Dare's birthplace
  • 'Radio Times at Christmas' - a look at how the covers of Radio Times changed through Eagle's times - the 1950s and 1960s
  • 'Louis the Fearless' - an examination of the back page "real life" adventure of King Louis IX of France, from Eagle in 1952 
  • 'Titan's New Dan Dare' - a review of the first issue of the latest re-incarnation of Dan Dare
  • 'Reg Parlett and Fidosaurus' - on artist Reg Parlett's work for Eagle, which included 'Fidosaurus' and 'XYZ Cars', and his vast work in other publications from 1923 - 1990
  • 'They Helped to Bring You Eagle', 5 - Ron Morley, layout artist'  - continuing a series of recollections of a former Eagle employee
  • 'Comics Unstripped at Kettering' - on a 2016 exhibition on comics held in Kettering, the former hometown of Eagle artist Frank Bellamy
  • 'The Real "Tough" Luck of the Legion' - on a newspaper report of a soldier (named Luck!) who mistakenly signed on for five years in the French Foreign Legion
  • 'Richard Jennings at Eaglecon' - on Eagle artist Richard Jennings, recalled from notes taken during his interview at the Eagle Convention in London in 1980. 
  • 'A Christmas Wordsearch' - a puzzle, based on Eagle's last Christmas issue, dated 28th December, 1968

This issue's front cover illustration is from the Dan Dare adventure 'Operation Plum Pudding', which appeared in Eagle Annual Number 5, in 1955