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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Eagle Times Vol 24 No 1

Spring 2011 Contents
  • PC49 in The Case of the Crying Clown - beginning a new text story adaptation from one of Alan Stranks' famous BBC radio play police adventures
  • Spaceship Awaaaaaaaaay! - Eagle Times presents a transcript of one episode from a Dan Dare radio adventure serial, first broadcast in 1954 on Radio Luxembourg sponsored by Horlicks
  • In search of "Redmill" - a look at what is known of the life and work of Hubert Redmill, Eagle's sixth-most prolific Cutaway artist who, between 1952 to 1960 drew around 40 cutaway drawings for Eagle's centre pages.
  • The David Pugh 'Dan Dare' - the first part of an examination of the 'Dan Dare' stories drawn by one of the artists who took on the resurrected "original" Dan Dare in "new" Eagle 1989-1994
  • Rivals of Jeff Arnold - the sixth of the series takes a look at 'Gun Law', which started as an American radio series called 'Gunsmoke', became a long-running TV series shown initially in the UK as 'Gun Law', and then appeared as comic strips in Express Weekly and the Daily Express, drawn by Harry Bishop
  • Tomorrow Revisited - a review of Alastair Crompton's recently published celebration of the life and works of 'Dan Dare' creator, Frank Hampson
  • The Life of Another Brian - part 2, recalling memories about illustrator Brian Lewis, who  drew 'Home of the Wanderers' and 'Mann of Battle' for Eagle in the 1960s
  • Yesterday rewritten - some personal recollections on the background to Alastair Crompton's Tomorrow Revisited
  • Phonetic Phant - phantastically lighthearted wordplay, relating to Dan Dare's enemies on Cryptos
  • PC49 on the stage - reproductions of advertisements for the visit of the stage production of PC49 to Manchester's Hippodrome theatre, Ardwick Green, in April, 1950
  • Ron Embleton's Lovely Ladies - an illustrated article covering the many glamorous female characters Ron Embleton created during his prolific career.
  • Sammy, Swift's Space Fleet Cadet: Stripography - part 1, summarising the Space Fleet stories that appeared in Eagle's companion paper, drawn by 'Dan Dare' artists Desmond Walduck and Bruce Cornwell  
  • Obituary of the renowned Spanish artist, Victor de la Fuente who contributed 'Blackbow the Cheyenne' and 'Can You Catch a Crook?' strips to Eagle in the early1960s.
  • Spotted in the Press - the story of a "real life Tintin" who may have inspired HergĂ©'s famous character (who was created in 1929 in Belgium, but appeared translated for the first time in English in Eagle in 1951-952).