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THE EAGLE SOCIETY is dedicated to the memory of EAGLE - Britain's National Picture Strip Weekly - the leading Boy's magazine of the 1950s and 1960s. We publish an A4, quarterly journal - the Eagle Times.

This weblog has been created to provide an additional, more immediate, forum for news and commentary about the society and EAGLE-related issues. Want to know more? See First Post and Eagle - How it began.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

First Post

As this is a new blog, for those not in the know (apologies to those who are!), a few words about the EAGLE, Eagle Society and Eagle Times may be in order.

EAGLE was a British boys' magazine, created and originally edited by the Revd. Marcus Morris. It was published weekly from 1950 until 1969, initially by Hulton Press. EAGLE is probably best known for the picture strip that for most of its history appeared on the front cover and inside front page: Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future. Dan Dare was created by artist Frank Hampson. However, EAGLE also contained many other strips, stories, articles and features that warrant its description as a magazine, rather than a comic.

The Eagle Society is a worldwide, though relatively small, collection of individuals, many of whom were readers of the original EAGLE, or have been attracted to its content more recently, for one reason or another. For those who grew up with it, there are many reasons for remembering EAGLE: strips such as PC49, Luck of the Legion, Jeff Arnold, Jack o'Lantern, or Storm Nelson; text stories such as The Three J's or Rex Milligan; the Cutaway Drawings; the factual articles, Nature, Sport, Historical or Religious strips.

EAGLE Times (rather than the blog eagle-times - which is free to all) is the Eagle Society's quarterly journal. Membership of the Eagle Society is by subscription to Eagle Times (Or Eagle Times comes free with your subscription - if you want to think of it that way!)


Danny Dare said...

Your blog has been blogged! See innsp.blogspot.com/
All the best,

Will Grenham said...

Thanks Pete. I recommend anyone interested in the various incarnations of Dan Dare should check out your sites.

There is now a link Dan Dare in all his incarnations in our Useful Links list. Your other sites can be found from there.