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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Spaceship Away # 14

For aficionados of Eagle's original 'Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future' the latest issue of Rod Barzilay's Spaceship Away, is just out. Spaceship Away is a three times a year, full colour, 44-page A4 glossy magazine that publishes newly created 1950’s Eagle style 'Dan Dare' strip stories along with humorous strips, articles and text stories.

Issue 14 continues the 'Dan Dare' serial strips 'The Green Nemesis' (written by Rod Barzilay; drawn by Don Harley* and Tim Booth),'The Gates of Eden' (written and drawn by Tim Booth) and 'Rocket Pilot' (written and drawn by Keith Page). There is also the text serial 'Murder on Mars' by Denis Steeper (which is illustrated on the cover by Martin Baines); and a new full colour 'Dan Dare' centre-spread by the renowned Scottish artist Ian Kennedy, who drew 'Dan Dare' in the "new" Eagle in the 1980s. The humorous strips are 'Dan Bear' (by Andy Boyce), 'Mekki' and ''Our Bertie' (both by Ray Aspden), and 'Dan Dire' (by Eric Mackenzie).

In addition to the 'Dan Dare'-themed material Spaceship Away also includes a couple of other SF strips: Sydney ('Jeff Hawke') Jordan's 'Hal Starr' and a reprint of Charles Chilton's 'Journey into Space' (drawn by Ferdinando Tacconi) that originally appeared in Eagle's rival paper Express Weekly in 1956. Eagle readers will remember that Chilton, apart from creating the original 'Journey into Space' serial for BBC radio, was also the author of 'Jeff Arnold and the Riders of the Range' in Eagle. The 'Riders of the Range' was itself originally created for radio by Chilton.

For further details of Spaceship Away, including how to subscribe, please go to the Spaceship Away website. Some direct links to examples of some of the strips (from previous issues) are provided below:
Dan Dare: Green Nemesis
Dan Dare: The Gates of Eden
Dan Bear
Journey into Space
Hal Starr
* Don Harley is one of the 1950s Eagle 'Dan Dare' studio artists (acknowledged by 'Dan Dare'-creator Frank Hampson as "The second best Dan Dare artist").

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