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Friday, 28 December 2007

Bryan Talbot and Dan Dare

In common with many US comic books, the covers of Virgin Comics' Dan Dare are drawn by different artists from the content. While the comic series is written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Gary Erskine, the first issue cover was drawn by Bryan Talbot (with a variant cover by Greg Horn), and a number of different artists' work will adorn the covers of future issues.

As an interesting comparison with Bryan Talbot's 2007 interpretation, Richard Sheaf has sent in this image of Dan Dare, drawn by Bryan Talbot in 1985, and which somehow came to be used on the front cover of the short-lived Dan Dare fanzine Sufferin' Satellites (Issue 2, July - August, 1997).

See the earlier post Virgin's Dare for a short review of Dan Dare issue 1


Danny Dare said...

A great blog so far Will, you've said everything that went through my mind after reading the first installment of Virgin's new version of Dan Dare.

The frequent background continuity errors in particular annoyed me, but I expect an official "explanation" (excuse?) will be that all the imagery of Dan's apparent rural and home life is just a projected illusion for his actual home on an asteroid. Still, I find it annoying even if that is the case - I personally wouldn't trust a computer to run an asteroid defence shield and life-support system if it can't also run a consistent holographic projection of a pseudo-reality! Lol! :-)

Due to my present place of residence being in central rural Thailand, with tricky net access, I only just found out about this, the Eagle Society's official blog, and so I've only just now got round to linking to it from my www.dan-dare.net and www.dan-dare.org sites, very sorry for the delay. I'll also blog you over at my personal blog.

Keep up the great work!

Pete Inns.

Will Grenham said...

Thanks Danny/Pete! In case anyone is confused, some of your comments relate to my review of the Virgin Comics' Dan Dare Issue 1 in the Virgin's Dare post rather than this 'Bryan Talbot and Dan Dare' post.

I'll add some more comments there in due course, but in the meantime, I think you'll find the continuity gaffes aren't confined just to Dan's synthetic world!