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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Eagle Times, Volume 20 No 4

Winter 2007 Contents
  • Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future - The Untold Stories
  • EAGLE Autographs (part 2)
  • Obituary - Revd. Dr. Edward Chad Varah, CH, CBE, MA Oxon.
  • Comics Britannia picks Max Hastings to speak for EAGLE
  • Jack o'Lantern in Wiltshire - an exploration of setting (part 3)
  • EAGLE on the Web
  • Frank Hampson in The Post (part 1)
  • Virgin's Dare?
  • Dick Barton - special agent (part 5)
  • Eagle Annual - The Best of the 1950s Comic - Book Review
  • Whatever happened to Harold Johns? (part 3)
  • A PC49 Christmas story - The Case of The Third Ace
  • Obituary - R.W. Kinder
  • The Art of Cecil Orr
  • Eagle Novels
  • 'This artist guy owes me an apology'
  • Did this artist have the greatest influence on Frank Hampson?
  • Pop Music during Eagle Times - 1960

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