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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Index of Eagle Artists

The following artists' work appeared in Eagle magazine, 1950 - 1969.
  • Tom Adams
  • Martin Aitchison
  • D. Alford
  • Colin Andrew
  • P. J. Ashmore
  • Leslie Ashwell-Wood
  • Robert Ayton
  • William Backhouse
  • John Batchelor
  • Frank Bellamy
  • Giorgio Bellavitis
  • Luis Bermejo
  • Harry Bishop
  • Blake
  • Wilfred Booth
  • Bowyer
  • Geoff Campion
  • Michael Charlton
  • Bruce Cornwell
  • John Spencer Croft
  • Roy Cross
  • Danet, Dubrisay & Genestre
  • Eric Dadswell
  • Jack Daniel
  • Gordon Davies
  • C. L. Doughty
  • Laurence Dunn
  • John Dyke
  • Eric L. Eden
  • Ellis
  • Gerry Embleton
  • Ron Embleton
  • Dennis Fairlie
  • Roland Fiddy
  • Gordon
  • Strom Gould
  • Frank Hampson
  • Donald Harley
  • Gerald Haylock
  • Georges Rémi (Hergé)
  • Hickey
  • Geoffrey Hill
  • Frank Humphris
  • Charles Hurford
  • Peter Jackson
  • Richard E. Jennings
  • Harold Johns
  • Peter Kay
  • Eric Kincaid
  • David Langdon
  • Don Lawrence
  • Brian Lewis
  • Harry Lindfield
  • Dennis Mallett
  • Terry Maloney
  • Paul B. Mann
  • Martin
  • W.P. Matthew
  • Alfred Mazure
  • Frank McDiarmid
  • John McLusky
  • Nevin
  • Will Nickless
  • R. Nicoll
  • Patrick Nicolle
  • Jack Nicolle
  • Jose Ortiz
  • Gerald Palmer
  • Reg Parlett
  • Joan Porter
  • Dudley Pout
  • Probyn
  • Redmill
  • T. C. Renwick-Adams
  • John Ryan
  • Martin Salvador
  • Angus Scott
  • David Slinn
  • John S. Smith
  • William Stobbs
  • Ferdinando Tacconi
  • Norman Thelwell
  • Jocelyn Thomas
  • Malcolm Thomkins
  • Greta Tomlinson
  • Valentine
  • Desmond Walduck
  • J. Walkden-Fisher
  • Brian Watson
  • Keith Watson
  • Ken Webb
  • Geoffrey Wheeler
  • Norman Williams
  • Pat Williams
  • H. Winslade
  • John Worsley
Please let eagle times know if you can add to, or think there may be errors in, this index.

I/we intend (gradually) to provide information on individual artists via separate posts, with hotlinks from this list, which will eventually form a comprehensive Index of Eagle Artists (much as Steve Holland has been doing for Swift Annual, Robin Annual, and Look and Learn, on Bear-Alley ). As you can see, I've made a start with Martin Aitchison - only 89 to go! The intention is to provide 'potted biographies' covering the artists' careers, but focussing on their Eagle work, with pointers (ie links and references) to where further information may be found.


Unknown said...

The National Trust booklet on "The Needles Old Battery" on the Isle of Wight states on page 7;
"Around the walls of the Shell Store are pictures which give an impression of the Battery during the First World War. The style may look familiar as they were painted by Geoff Campion who was creator of Dan Dare for the Eagle comic."
Who was Geoff Campion?

Yours etc., Nigel McMurray.

Will Grenham said...

Nigel, I've seen the pictures on display at the Battery. When I saw them last year, I recognised the style, but not the artist until I found one with a signature - and I was as surprised as you when I saw the National Trust's mis-information. Geoff Campion (1916 - 1997), as far as I am aware, had nothing to do with 'Dan Dare'. He had his first work published in 1948, for Knockout. He then drew for Cowboy Comics Library, Sun and Comet. He did draw one strip that appeared in Eagle - 'Stonewall Jackson' (Vol 12 No 40 - Vol 13 No 3), though (according to Cliff Wanford's Eagle Collectors Handbook)it was reprinted from Comet(?) I'd overlooked him as an Eagle artist, but will add him to the list (only 90 to go now!!). He is an artist of some renown, having been the original artist of 'Battler Britton'. He also drew a 'Captain Condor' story, 'The Planet of Destruction' in Lion, and 'Space Cadet' in Ranger. If you 'Google' You will find more info on the web.


Norman Boyd said...

Unbelievably I can't find a Don Harley biography of any substance on the Internet. I know snippets are in ET and Spaceship Away, for example, but would love to see this list added to. Could someone at least type up Wanford's short piece to add to this page, please?