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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Regarding Giorgio Bellavitis

While putting together some notes on Eagle and Swift artist Giorgio Bellavitis, I came across this post referring to Issue 33 of an Italian magazine called Fumetti d'Italia (Italian Comic Strips). The issue's contents list includes an article on, or interview with, Bellavitis - or maybe it contains some of his strips - it's not clear to me.

If anyone has this magazine and can clarify what the Bellavitis content is, and/or supply an English translation, I would be grateful.

Also, before I make a fool of myself, can anyone confirm that Giorgio Bellavitis, the comic strip artist of the 1950s, who was born in Venice, is the same Giorgio Bellavitis as the now renowned Venetian architect?


xxxxxxxxxxxxx said...

yes, he's one and the same man. I saw him last year at his home in venice.

Will Grenham said...

Thanks Gavin, for confirming this. I will feel much happier when I post my short biography on Bellavitis, and mention his career change!