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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Eagle Times Vol 21 No3

Autumn 2008 contents
  • The Career of Ian Kennedy - part 1, the 1950s to the 1970s
  • More of the EAGLE's second issue dummy (including 'Rob Conway' in colour!)
  • The Final Winner? - what happened to the EAGLE 'Sportsman of the Year' trophy
  • Frank Hampson at NESCOT (1972 to 1977) - another 'I was there' article
  • Tony Weare, artist for all seasons - who turned down an offer to draw 'Dan Dare'!
  • Another 'Anastasia' - how a classic car artist (Jack Lewis) came to create a tribute to Bruce Cornwell
  • Marcus Morris and the 1953 Coronation recording
  • Dan Dare, the Audio Book: Voyage to Venus - part 1 (a review)
  • The magic of Pelikan Inks
  • EAGLE on the web
  • PC49: The Case of the Pink Panic - part 3 (conclusion)
  • Nether Wallop - in Surrey? - a church that might have been the model for a scene in the first 'Dan Dare' story
  • Dan Dare - the Virgin Version - a review
  • Crockett & Krispies - on Ron Embleton's 1956 'Heros of the West' series for Kellogg's
  • Snakes Alive! - artist Geoffrey ('Luck of the Legion') Bond's fascination with snakes
  • Looks familiar! - How 1959 'Dan Dare' artwork provided the reference for newspaper illustrations ten years later
  • Pop Music in EAGLE times - 1962

The 'Dan Dare' illustration on the front cover this issue of Eagle Times is by Ian Kennedy
and appeared in the ('new series') Eagle, 8th January, 1983.

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