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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Eagle Times Vol 21 No 4

Winter 2008 contents
  • Memories of Christmas Past - seasonal cards and drawings by some of the best
  • A Kennedy Christmas - some of Ian Kennedy's Christmas-themed comics and annual covers
  • The Career of Ian Kennedy - part 2, from the eighties to the new millenium
  • More of EAGLE's 2nd issue dummy, including Norman Thelwell's 'Pop Milligan' and Frank Hampson's 'The Great Adventurer' - with Joan Porter's recollections of the Bakehouse Studio in the 1950s
  • Frank Hampson at the Festival - a contemporary note written by Frank Hampson on the Angouleme Comics Festival, 1978
  • PC49 - The Case of the Galloping Ghost
  • An account of the Chad Varah Memorial Service at St Paul's Cathedral, held on 12th November, 2008
  • "I was there" - the launch of Denis Gifford's Ally Sloper Magazine in 1976
  • Who's who No. 50
  • The Eagle Annual of the Cutaways - book review
  • Heros the Spartan - part 1, beginning a review of EAGLE's popular 1960s sword and sorcery strip
  • Tony Weare - part 2, concluding the life of a favourite artist
  • Books for Christmas - a seasonal review
  • EAGLE on the web
  • Pop Music in EAGLE Times - 1963
This issue's cover shows some Memories of Christmas Past - cards by Peter Jackson, Tony Weare and Keith Watson - courtesy of Alan Vince.


Danny Dare said...

Hello, and Happy New Year 2552 (as it is here in Thailand).

Please can you publish the "Eagle on the Web" article in your blog in the near future, for those (very few, probably only me) of us who run Eagle related websites and who are unable to get hold of the hardcopy due to our remote south-east Asian location and totally unreliable postal "service"? :)

Seriously, there is no way I can get an overseas subscription delivered to me here in rural central Thailand, even Christmas cards from England didn't arrive, so a bit of online help would be very much appreciated.....

I'll blog and link you back, as always. :)

All the best,

Peter Inns.

Will Grenham said...

A Happy New Year to you too! And apologies for the delay in answering your comment.

The 'Eagle on the Web' series of articles, written throughout by David Britton, has been running in Eagle Times since the Autumn 2002 issue.

In the latest issue David reflects that "when I undertook writing this feature for Eagle Times, the majority of our readers did not have access to the internet, and there was no Eagle Times website. Things have changed, most members appear to have e-mail addresses". He also points out there is now an Eagle Times blog. The 'Eagle on the Web' article in the Winter 2008 issue is therefore the last.

David has provided some encouraging support to my efforts on this blog. Hopefully readers of Eagle Times can look to this site for the sort of information that David used to write in 'Eagle on the Web'!