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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Eagle Society Weekend and Annual Dinner, 2009

The Guy Chester Centre
Muswell Hill
24th - 26th April 2009

Our Social Secretary, Nigel McMurray, has again asked me to post, for the benefit of Members, the highlights for the Eagle Society Weekend, which this year will be held at the Guy Chester Centre, Muswell Hill, London.The package will include 2-night’s accommodation and most meals, including the Society’s Annual Dinner, plus two days of activities including talks and tours, beginning in the late afternoon of Friday, 24th April and concluding after lunch on Sunday, 26th April. The centre, which is a Methodist Retreat set in 10 acres of gardens and woodlands, has a car park, en-suite rooms and disabled facilities. Highlights of the weekend will include:
  • The Eagle Society’s Annual Dinner at the Guy Chester Centre
  • A visit to the RAF Museum at Hendon
  • A History of Muswell Hill presented by a local historian
  • Lunch at the Spaniards Inn (with its claimed association with Dick Turpin)
  • Special Tour of Highgate Cemetery
  • Fights in Eagle - a themed talk from by Eric Fernie
  • “He wants to be ... a cab driver”
  • Nostalgia isn't what it used to be - a look back at previous Eagle Weekends
  • Treasure Island with John Worsley, Millar Watt and Dudley Watkins - a presentation and talk by John Swan
  • Speedway and Eagle - Terry Stone, President of the World Speedway Riders Association, addresses the Eagle Society. And he's bringing a 1928 speedway machine!
  • Sunday Service at Muswell Hill Methodist Church
For Members of the Eagle Society, the cost for the weekend, which includes two nights accommodation, is £110 sterling per person for a shared room, with an extra supplement of £20 per person for single rooms (subject to availability). Non-members wishing to take part should enclose in addition the appropriate (UK or Overseas) Membership Fee (separate cheque, please) with their application.
If you would like more details, or to confirm details and/or availability of places, please contact Nigel by e-mail . Or to make a definite booking would Members please write, enclosing payment (in £ sterling, please, cheques made payable to the Eagle Society) to:

Adrian Perkins
19, Wolsey Way,
Cherry Hinton,
United Kingdom

The illustration is the opening frame of 'Black Bess', from the series 'Famous Horse Stories', drawn by Raymond Sheppard. It appeared in Eagle Vol 5 No 40 (1st October, 1954).


Will Grenham said...

Information updated, 18 Feb 2009. Thanks Nigel.

Will Grenham said...

Information updated 3 March 2009, to confirm the Highgate Cemetery tour (and the new nostalgia item!)
At this time I understand there are some places for the Weekend still available. Contact Adrian or Nigel, soonest, (contact details on the post) if interested.

Will Grenham said...

Apologies to anyone previously trying to read this post using Safari. Some of the text did not appear correctly after the update on 3 March (and possibly before?). This is now fixed (hopefully!)