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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Eagle Times - Sample Issue

Eagle Times is provided on an Annual Subscription basis to Members of the Eagle Society. However, we are sometimes asked if we can provide a Sample Issue to prospective subscribers, who may be unsure of the quality or typical content of the Eagle Times  magazine, or whether they want to join the Eagle Society.
Here is the good news: prospective members can now purchase a Sample Issue of Eagle Times
The Sample Issue price (2013) is £7 (for delivery to a UK postal address) or £10 (for non-UK addresses). These prices include current postal charges. In the event that you subsequently join the Eagle Society (in the year of the Sample Issue) the price may be deducted against your Annual Subscription for that year*. Postal applications can be made to the Membership Secretary's (Keith Howard's) address - see the sidebar of the blog - (cheque payable to the Eagle Society). Applications can also be made to the eagle-times e-mail address, but if you wish to use Paypal, please add £1.50 to your order. All payments in £ stirling, please.

The Sample Issue sent you will be a recent, not necessarily the latest, issue of Eagle Times and will be subject to availability after all Members issues have been distributed. If need to see a particular issue, please check for availability before ordering.

*eg. if you pre-order the 2013 Spring Issue and subsequently take out  a Subscription for 2013 you may subtract the price of the Sample Issue from the Annual Subscription.

Please note that, while there is no obligation to take out a subscription, Eagle Times has a limited print run based on the Eagle Society's membership numbers and therefore we will not be able to support repeated single issue sales.

29/03/2013 update to original post made on 19/12/2010

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