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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Eagle Times Vol 25 No 1

Spring 2012 Contents
  • 'The Roger Dean Experience' - on working in the late 1970s - early 1980s with the founder of Dragon's Dream on the 'Dan Dare' trilogy (The Man From Nowhere, Rogue Planet and Reign of the Robots), and the other Dragon's Dream reprints of Eagle strips, The Road of Courage and High Command 
  • The Eagle Cutaways of A. Bruce Cornwell* - a look at some of the 'Dan Dare' artist's other work, focussing on his cutaway drawings
  • 'Inside Information By L. Ashwell Wood' - on the final cutaway drawing series produced in Ashwell Wood's productive career, which was published by Benwig Books from 1969 to about 1971 
  • 'Leslie Wood in the 1930s' - a look at Wood's illustrations for the 1930s part-works Romance of the Nation and The World of Wonder.
  • 'A Look at Luck' - part 3 of a series examining the French Foreign Legion strip by Geoffrey Bond and Martin Aitchison, that ran in Eagle from 1952 - 1961
  • 'Dan Dare Figures' (from the 1950s to the present day) - part 2 concludes by taking a look at those produced by Southall/Britains, Mettoy Playthings, Unicorn Miniatures and other manufacturers
  • 'Rye - Pugwash's Town' - report of a visit made in 2010 to the home town of Captain Pugwash and Harris Tweed creator, the late John Ryan, describing the exhibits on view at the Rye Castle Museum and at the Rye Art Gallery
  • 'PC49 and the Case of the Missing Schoolboy' - Alan Strank's famous radio (and Eagle) police hero features in a newly adapted story
  • 'Visual Memories of Eaglecon 80' - part 2 of a series remembering the only London comics convention ever held solely for Eagle enthusiasts
  • 'Only Digby was a more committed Follower' - a tribute to the late Eagle Society member and Dan Dare enthusiast, Geoff Provins
  • 'Remembering The Ship That Lived' - a re-look at the "filler" 'Dan Dare' story that followed 'Reign of the Robots'
  • 'Classics Illustrated and The West' - how the 1950s Classics Illustrated comic treated some of the real-life and fictional characters of the Wild West 
  • 'Sky Buccaneers' - an examination of the "air pirate" series which ran in Eagle in 1968, written by Edward Cowan and drawn by José Ortiz
* Note: News of the death of Bruce Cornwell in early March reached us after this issue of Eagle Times went to press.

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