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Thursday, 16 July 2020


The latest edition of EAGLE Times is out now. A bumper issue to mark EAGLE's seventieth anniversary year, it runs to 56 pages and includes free gifts of two full colour prints of Dan Dare  pictures by Bryan Talbot.
EAGLE's annuals by Joe Hoole. The final part features the 1980's annuals.
Kenneth McDonough: The career of one of EAGLE's original artists, by Jeremy Briggs.
Dan Dare and the B29: Adrian Perkins notes the similarities between the interior of some of Dan's ships and the B29 bomber.
The Story of a Train That Went Nowhere: David Britton examines an in depth article prepared for EAGLE that was never published.
The Case of the Unwelcome Guest House. Part Two of the latest Archie Willoughby adventure by Steve Winders.
Childhood Memories by Kevin O'Donnell.
The White Funnel Fleet: The story of the steamer fleet which operated in the Bristol Channel for eighty years.
The Dan Dare Studios Ideas Book: Featuring the Phant  Interceptor Spacecraft.
Charles Chilton and the Indian Wars: Part One of David Britton's examination of the Riders of the Range adventure The War With Geronimo.
My own review of Steve Holland's new book about Rocket - The First Space Age Weekly.
Donovan: David Gould's account of the career of the popular performer and his visit to EAGLE's offices.

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