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THE EAGLE SOCIETY is dedicated to the memory of EAGLE - Britain's National Picture Strip Weekly - the leading Boy's magazine of the 1950s and 1960s. We publish an A4, quarterly journal - the Eagle Times.

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Monday, 31 March 2008

Eagle Times, Vol 21 No 1

Spring 2008 Contents
  • Comics 101 - I was there (part 1)
  • Eagle Times on the Web
  • Stills from A Case for PC49 (Hammer Films)
  • Clevedon Confectionery's trade card album
  • The Iron Man - EAGLE's popular android
  • HMS Eagle's association with EAGLE
  • Frank Hampson in The Post (part 2)
  • A Tribute to Chad Varah
  • Virgin's Dare is not for me!
  • Chris Weston's Dan Dare
  • PC49 - The case of the Pink Panic (part 1)
  • The mysterious case of Dan Dare's space suit
  • EAGLE on the Web
  • Whatever Happened to Harold Johns? (part 4)
  • Pop Music in Eagle Times - 1961
  • EAGLE Autographs (part 3)
With this edition, Eagle Times marks over 20 years of continuous publication - longer than the original publication, Eagle, that we celebrate! The cover features just a few samples of the 80 covers that have preceded this one, from 1988 - 2007.


David Britton said...

I just wanted to congratulate and thank you officially for creating the Eagle Times website. You've done a fantastic job and I wanted you to know that having had to keep a website up-to-date myself in the past, I know what it takes.
Well done!
Best wishes
David Britton

Will Grenham said...

Thanks for your support and kind words. Doing it this way (as a blog) makes it a bit easier, though!


Alastair Crompton said...

I'd like to echo David's comments.
And say thanks for the link to my own site 'The Lost Characters of FH' I check here virtually every other day, and oftten there's a nugget I learn.
You've got a winner.