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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Eagle Society Weekend and Dinner, 2008

Please note that bookings for this year's previously advertised Eagle Society's Weekend and Annual Dinner at Edinburgh are now closed.

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I was made very welcome by Howard and The Weekenders at Carberry Towers, although arriving a bit tight (for time) for my discourse. Being a little nervy at first I think the PC49 song helped break the ice. I'll always remember my brief meet with the M.A.P'S (members and partners) and my little walk through the picturesque grounds on Saturday.
It's given me a taster for what I've missed over the years and the only negative comment I might venture to make is that my shy Scottish brothers perhaps let the side down.
Thanks again Howard, Nigel and all the crew and I really hope if time and health allows you may venture North again in the not too distant future.